• Ben Shiundu

How Abubakr started his job in Germany from home in Ghana.....

Name Abubakr Nationality Ghanian Years of Experience 9 Expertise Python & DevOps Dreams Create a training organisation in Ghana for the

development of coding skills to provide people

with prosperous careers.

Meet Abubakr, a young, intelligent and driven software engineer from Ghana. We had the opportunity to get to know him very well during the past year and we wanted to share his story of passion and persistence.

Abubakr’s love of technology was ignited the moment he saw his first real-life computer in his school’s new lab. At 12 years old, he would often stay after classes to mop and clean the computer lab just to get a couple extra minutes on the computers. Every minute he could spend on the computer was used to explore any application he could get his eyes on, to the point that his teacher had to stop him from spending so much time in the lab.

A defining memory for him happened during one of the computer lab sessions. He clicked on an application and an error message popped up. His computer teacher came over and typed the word “exit”. Abubakr was immediately fascinated by the idea that one could type commands into a computer, and it would simply understand. He said “my entire career was determined by that one moment”, and it was the reason he fell in love with computers.

His passion for technology drove him to excel in university, where he completed his degree in systems engineering at the top of his class. He was then selected by his professor to attend a prestigious bootcamp for high-achieving students with great potential. After successfully completing the bootcamp, Abubakr immediately started working for a startup in Ghana, a job he dreamt about for years.

Fast forward to today, Abubakr just started his new job for an online marketing company in Germany called Regiohelden. Initially he will start working remotely but eventually he will relocate to Germany to work with his new colleagues from their headquarters. He was excited to learn about the scope of his upcoming projects compared to what he was used to in his previous roles in Ghana. The challenges of his new role create an optimal learning environment for him and push him to strive for both personal and professional development.

Because of the constraints of COVID-19 on immigration, Abubakr hasn't been able to move to Germany, but he is hopeful that he will be able to relocate soon. “I have never travelled outside Ghana” he told us, “I am excited to be able to experience such a different culture and so many different people”. We are looking forward to assisting him with his relocation in the near future, and excited to see the incredible things he has and will continue to achieve in his remarkable career.

Let's hear about Abubakar’s experience from another perspective- meet Jens! Jens, the CTO of Regiohelden, told us how amazing it is to have him on the team, and how excited he is to eventually move him out to Germany. Everybody prefers to have Abubakr in Germany so he is able to work on the floor with his team everyday. However, considering the current climate, the remote solution has been working quite well. Jens is dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible for Abubakar, and is continuously working to build team cohesion despite the fact that so many employees are overseas.

Jens explained that the hiring climate in Germany is extremely competitive. The larger companies are able to provide higher compensation making it hard to find talent within the country. Caspar Coding has been imperative for companies like Regiohelden to find tech talent in Africa- a continent full of unrecognised and extremely hardworking individuals.